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Best android apps to replace in 2020-2021

The Best apps to Replace in your smartphones! If you're not living under the rock you might already know Google discontinued inbox and kiwi browser brought Chrome extensions to, I got a reason to replace inbox as well as Chrome but, Are these the only apps that need to be replaced?  Now that I think of it there are a lot of apps that need to be replaced. So here was the list mobile phones are supplied with the OEMs camera app now most of us end up using that but it's a whole new world when you start trying out camera mods. THE CAMERA  G cam is a famous Google camera mod for almost every Snapdragon phone out there in fact even Exynos you get the best dynamic range portrait mode etc  you can check which mod works for your phone... some of them will definitely work for you and it's worth it Click Here for GCAM Mods Like I should just stop talking and show you the actual images but the mods do crash a lot and they are highly unstable.  <Left is stock camera and ri

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