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Specific Gravity, Temperatures of Solvents/Fluids

SPECIFIC GRAVITY OF SOLVENTS(FLUIDS) specific gravity:                It's also called  relative density, ratio of the density of a substance to that of a standard substance . ... If a substance has specific gravity less than that of a fluid, it will float on that fluid: helium-filled balloons will rise in air, oil will form a slick on water, and lead will float on mercury. Fluid Temperature ( o C) Specific Gravity SG Acetic Acid 25 1.052 Acetone 25 0.787 Acetylene, liquid -121 o F 0.62 Acetylene, liquid 70 o F 0.38 Adipic acid   0.72 Alcohol, ethyl (ethanol) 25 0.787 Alcohol, methyl (methanol) 25 0.791 Alcohol, propyl 25 0.802 Ammonia (aqua) 25 0.826 Aniline 25 1.022 Beer 25 1.01 Benzene 25 0.876 Benzil 25 1.084 Bromine 25 3.12 Butane, liquid 25 0.601 Caproic acid 25 0.924 Carbolic acid 15 0.959 Carbon disulfide 25 1.265 Carbon tetrachloride 25 1.589 Carene 25 0.860 Chloride 25 1.56 Chlorine 60 o F 1.42 Chlorodifluoromethane refrigerant R-22 25 1.197 Chloroform 25 1.469 Citric aci

10 Ways to NOT spend your Money in War Thunder!

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10 ways not to spend your money in War Thunder(+1 Bonus)

Hello there Pota2knowledge visitors! and welcome to a war thunder beginner's guide

Today we're gonna be taking a look at the 10 worst things to spend your money on in war thunder as a new player.

I have been playing war thunder for almost 4 years now and through much trial and error have figured out some of the worst ways of wasting your money away without very much in the way of return

I should also note that these 10 money wasters are not listed in terms of best to worst or in this case worst to worst everybody's situation is different so think of it as a list rather than a best to worst sort of scenario also I do not really plan on making this type of content or regular thing but if you want to see more of these than please let me know so without further ado let's get started so number.

10. Not waiting on sales for Premium Time

War Thunder Birthday Sales, pota2knowledge

If you've decided to seriously invest some time in the game and you want to try and work your way up the upper tiers having a premium account is a must to keep you from going insane especially at the highest tier is available however that nearly 15,000 GE price tag for the years worth a premium, which is halved every year in early November for ' Gaijin's birthday ' down to just over seven and a half thousand golden eagles.

This is by far the best time to buy premium and is the best way of saving literally hundreds on premium time if this price tag is still too much for you and or you simply do not have the time to make the best use of that premium account time like any normal person wouldn't.

Do yourself a favour and only buy premium account time in 24-hour intervals this will allow you to maximize the time you play while also saving you from having to spill half your paycheck every month or so other alternatives to premium account time include the purchasing of premium vehicles and talismans which never expire but require you to play those specific vehicles to get the bonuses in addition purchasing load to your talismans and premiums are not really recommended for grinding as you will quickly outstrip any benefits they will give you since talismans and premiums are only good for researching vehicles only ones here above or below them after that they receive a penalty and are often outdone in normal RP earnings by standard tech tree vehicle.

9. Buying high tier premiums before you reach Tier III

How can you get premium vehicles?, pota2knowledge

War thunder, above all, is a game of personal scale, mental ability and map knowledge.

If a player has reached the upper tiers of the game they often have gained valuable experience and what to do and what not to do.

Of course, there are always exceptions to this rule but never mind them the biggest mistake I see many people make when it comes to not only prematurely ruining their experience but also throwing away much in the way of cash is the purchase of tier 4 tier 5 premiums right out of the gate without first having at least played up to the latter half of tier 3 the tier 4 and tier 5 premiums especially.

while definitely unique and interesting serve to not only put a new player against often vastly more experienced opponents but very often do not earn the level of income they are hoping for from such a high tier purchase so early on this is mostly down to the fact that earning money and war Thunder is almost entirely determined by personal performance in battle and not whether or not a vehicle is premium having premium vehicles or account time certainly helps but at the end of the day your personal performance matters way more than any premium purchase can account for as such you are far better off playing low tiers up to tier 3 and learning through experience rather than attempting to force yourself into a difficult scenario having already spent a large sum of money in addition to this trying to figure out 20 different things at once.

Take your time to earn how the game works and once you reach the first real grind wall going into tier 4 then consider purchasing a tier 4 or higher premium.

8. Pre-ordering premium vehicles

AMX-30 on sale? : Warthunder : pre order, pota2knowledge

Every now and then gaijin will announce the introduction of a new premium vehicle before a major patch often times they will bundle said vehicle with either a unique camouflage or decals or sometimes a small number of golden eagles to incentivize the pre-order.

The problem is that work on as meta, changes so much from patch to patch that it will be impossible to tell whether or not a new premium vehicle will be worth the price tag put on it.

A perfect example of what I'm talking about as the Maga 380-R5 premium medium tank which is essentially an Israeli modification of the m48 Patton the vehicle while not terrible massively suffers from the l7 105-millimetre gun being totally inaccurate it's 105 millimetres a PDS couldn't hit the broadside of a barn from the inside and does no damage when it does it's just a bump and is nearly useless as anything other than a glorified AG rounded the massive nerfs levelled against hash across the board and the heat burns on it while quite effective still locked the damage and cost nearly a thousand credits per trigger pole meaning that firing large volumes of it can defeat the purpose of the vehicle being a premium, in addition, the armour is kind of subpar and will not stop anything at its tier despite being a relatively large and slow-moving target.

This vehicle was bought in large numbers by people expecting it to be a good vehicle to grind towards the flashy new m1 Abrams last patch however people did not pay attention to the potential issues that were mentioned above and caused a large amount of impulse buying resulting in people spending 50 plus dollars on a largely mediocre vehicle on the flip side in the same packs 

The premium version of the AMX 30 without the 20-millimetre autocannon was announced as well I afford this patch drop the AMX 30 had not only been missing penetration on his stock heat round but also had extremely poor damage as it was using the old early heat damage model however upon its release all the AMX 30 s received a large buff to penetration and damage on their heat rounds bringing them up to par at the l7 heat FS rounds of the other nations not only aim is the AMX 30 a lower BR than those vehicles but it now gets essentially the top ammunition for the said vehicles as stock round to fire for free making the AMX 31 of the best purchases for a tier 5.

These two examples show that you cannot trust the pre-orders to give you what you want the vehicles could either change drastically from when it's announced to something better or it could end up being one of the biggest money drains possible so however flashy that new premium do not pre-order it wait for the reviews to come out

7. Buying more than five crew slots when you start the game

You're presented with two crew slots and a 3/3 one for completing the tutorial while adequate for initially starting the game one easy way to throw away your GE at an astonishingly high rate is to purchase more than five crew slots early on.

How to Use Crew Slots & Crew XP Points in War Thunder, pota2knowledge

The reason I say this is a bad idea for new players is that you ideally want your crews to be as good as they can possibly be and spending golden eagles to get more crew slots only spreads out your crew skill levels over many different crews leaving - none of your crews being all that good when you start to reach higher tiers when having a good crew can make the difference between life and death on a regular basis ideally you want your crew skill points to be focused on a couple of crews to boost their efficiency and help ready them for the higher tiers.

If you plan on playing a mode like air RB, on the other hand, focusing all your attention and vehicles onto one or two crews is not a bad idea at all especially when it comes to a tank or playing arcade battles and tank RB having a dedicated take an aircraft focused crew can massively help in the long run and could save you much in the way of SL and GE down the line when moving high to your vehicles which can cost you hundreds of thousands of SL.

6. Spending Golden Eagles on crew

Speaking of spending money on crew let's quickly talk about throwing your golden eagles at crew skills themselves well this is certainly not the worst thing you can spend your money on.

They raised the price of golden eagles and are now selling it at pota2knowledge ...

The main reason for it being on this list is the sheer cost of its aircraft and tank crews have different maximum crew levels for aircraft it is 75 and for tanks,
 it is 150 it is unknown at the moment however what naval forces crew level caps will be but it can be assumed that it will probably be more than tanks to completely max out an aircraft crew in all skills you would have to spend around 3,000 golden eagles to make sure that you get all crew skills maximized for tanks you are looking at spending closer to four and a half to five thousand golden eagles to maximize your crew and this cost is per crew type.
So, if you wanted to max out a crew slot in both aircraft and tanks you are looking at spending anywhere from 6 to 8 thousand golden eagles total on that crew slot alone.
This is why you must be careful when spending money on your crew ask yourself whether or not it is truly worth spending that much for a specific crew you would be much better off using this feature to boost essential crew skills like weapon reloading, leadership, tank driving, g-force, tolerance, stamina and vitality.

5. Acing vehicles you won't actually play

Speaking of buying qualifications purchasing crews for all of your vehicles will not actually help you the problem is is that when you ace something your crew is only a store that specific vehicle even if you have an alternate version of that vehicle such as a premium skin variant the ace qualification only applies to the variant it was either earned on or purchased.

tiger, war thunder, pota2knowledge

For example, the tiger II has a premium version of itself called the SLA-16 buying a crew for the standard tech tree tiger II will not apply to the premium version similar to talismans it is recommended that you save a crew purchases for vehicles you really really enjoy.

4. Buying low tier vehicle modifications with golden eagles.

As a new player, another way you can quickly drain your wallet is by purchasing some of the low tier vehicle modifications with your golden eagles the problem is that while there is some adjustment of pricing as you go up the tiers and ranks lower to your vehicle modifications are priced far higher than they are actually worth you need the battle experience far more than you need those tier 2 tank parts believe me when I say that parts on a panzer 4-F2 or an early Sherman are not worth the hundred or so GE.
Grinding them out only takes a couple of good games anyway so save yourself some money and don't buy them with golden eagles.

3. Spending Golden Eagles on Backup Vehicles

  Backups are always nice to have for specific vehicles that you play often however some vehicles cost literally hundreds of golden eagles per backup spawn in addition backups are only able to be used in arcade battles and tank realistic battles.

PSA: The universal backup item, an hidden gem in the Warbond shop pota2knowledge ...

If you play either air RB or in during confrontation you either have only one life or are spending lions to respawn your aircraft in the simulator battles your number of spawns are already fixed and backups cannot be utilized in addition to this there are at least two ways of getting backups without spending money on the game the first is through random post-battle loot boxes that can sometimes drop backups for you.
The second way is through the purchasing of Universal backup packages using the war bonds which are earned by completing specific tasks as you play you can purchase these packs of 5 or 10 Universal backups for 300 and 500 war bonds respectively these can then be activated on any vehicle of your choice that you own.
They are pretty easy to get as simply playing will no doubt earn you a steady supply of war bonds which you can use to purchase the respective rewards in the war bond shop.

2. Converting Golden Eagles to silver lions

This next one is a big mistake that I see people doing all the time early on the fact of the matter is that the conversion rates between a Golden Eagle and a silver lion are absolutely horrible 1,000 Lions will cost you three Golden Eagles which means there is a conversion rate of only about 333 lions per eagle.

As a war thunder lacks a conversion slider like the world of warships or World of Tanks you are stuck with purchasing vastly overpriced preset packages the most expensive of which costs 3,000 Golden Eagles which only Nets you about 1.3 million lines in return and while gaijin claims you will save 33% off in purchase; this price has never changed even back when I joined the game.

In 2012 this makes purchasing Lions with Eagles nowhere near worth it as top-tier tanks, for example, cost 1.25 million to purchasing crew with an extra million on top of it to purchase an expert crew qualification so in simple terms, do not purchase Lions with golden eagles it is a total ripoff you are far better spending the 3,000 Goldendon Eagles on premium time or a cheap premium vehicle 

1. converting free RP(research points)

As you've played a few games you are sure to have noticed that every battle you play you learn a little of what is called convertible RP players will often call this global RP or free RP as a holdover from games like World of Tanks unlike wargaming titles though this RP is not actually free unless you spend the golden eagles to convert them they literally do nothing for you essentially they allow you to skip the research grind by paying for that RP to unlock a vehicle you are currently researching and while extremely cheap early on it becomes incredibly expensive to do that at top tiers.

This is why nobody I know uses eagles to buy RP. : Warthunder, pota2knowledge

When you are spending upwards of 8,000 golden eagles to convert a single-vehicle however this is really only an option for people who have earned enough free RP that after playing a long time then you can do this.

However long they want as long as their wallets hold up for a new player however it not only figuratively speaking beats the crap out of your wallet it also drains you a valuable early game experience which is critical to learning the game and enjoying yourself later on as a new player doing this only hurts you and offers no real benefits to your enjoyment of the game early on.

So I hope this has helped you guys who are new to the game and are wondering where you should put your funds hopefully this has provided you with some ideas as to what to actually spend your money on and what to save for now this video could make war thunder come off as a money-grabbing game that is really not the case.

These are simply the ten things that I wish for people to avoid spending their money on, in order to increase their enjoyment of the game later on
Playing up until tier 3 for example before buying your first premium is a great way of figuring out do you really want to continue playing with this game and do you really want to invest in it.

War Thunder Fulfills Your Wishes! - News - War Thunder, pota2knowledge

If the answer is' no' then you haven't spent any money and no harm done only some of your time, However,
If you reach to your three and you're like you know what I really enjoy this and I want to keep going that is when you should start considering investing in the game someway, so I hope this has helped everybody like I said earlier and if you have any other suggestions or things that I miss or things that you think that should have been mentioned in this please leave them down in the comment section below.

0. Bonus - Loot Boxes 

I Spent 320 Dollars on War Thunder Loot Crates - YouTube

What they say about loot boxes...
 Loot boxes are  Rigged? No

Just a basic percentage-based reward system.
Smaller, more common things = large %
Rarer, more shiny things = small %

You’re going to get a few backups and 7,500 SL rewards far more often than 1mil SL drops, just common sense.

Also ignore the graphic of the spinning wheel, your result is already calculated beforehand, hit escape or click the X in the corner of its popup to see what you got.

What they seem to be...(for me at least)

It computes what you get as soon as you click the button, the roulette wheel is added in there for show. Just close your eyes and wait if you get frustrated at some of the other potential rewards you didn't get. It's a free prize, be grateful for what you have...

*All photos and videos in this article are taken from google image and video search. I didn't mean to copy anyone. If any of your images are posted, please comment or contact me, I will gladly remove Then.
I've had fun writing this article, the views in this article came like a jet in just a few hours!
I love you guys! will keep working Hard on writing even more war thunder guides.
Thank you for visiting.

Feel at Home, come again.


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