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Best android apps to replace in 2020-2021

The Best apps to Replace in your smartphones! If you're not living under the rock you might already know Google discontinued inbox and kiwi browser brought Chrome extensions to Android.so, I got a reason to replace inbox as well as Chrome but, Are these the only apps that need to be replaced?  Now that I think of it there are a lot of apps that need to be replaced. So here was the list mobile phones are supplied with the OEMs camera app now most of us end up using that but it's a whole new world when you start trying out camera mods. THE CAMERA  G cam is a famous Google camera mod for almost every Snapdragon phone out there in fact even Exynos you get the best dynamic range portrait mode etc  you can check which mod works for your phone... some of them will definitely work for you and it's worth it Click Here for GCAM Mods Like I should just stop talking and show you the actual images but the mods do crash a lot and they are highly unstable.  <Left is stock camera and ri

Download or stream Youtube vs Tiktok the end: In 1080p

Download or Stream Youtube vs Tiktok the end: In 1080p

Image from source, pota2knowledge

Very recently, the Internet was spurred around by the controversy among both TikTokers and YouTubers. It started with a YouTuber bashing TikTok for its frivolous content, and then a TikToker accepted with a video reply. The prolific Youtuber, Carryminati, roasted the famous TikTok, Amir Siddique. The number is expected to reach an unprecedented response with 76 million views.

Then I came across a video of him titled TikTok vs YouTube-The End Game on YouTube. The likes and views on the video were increasing exponentially so I decided to watch it (which I immediately regretted). The video, which had over 78 million views, has now been taken down but it gave me a glimpse of the ongoing rivalry between the content creators of two of the most popular online platforms.
The video is all about the creators on YouTube vs TikTok and who is better! Though, the only thing one could see after the upload of the carry's this video that the funny memes and jokes here, win the race also the cookie points. #CarryMinati has been the top trend and funny YouTube vs TikTok memes are all over cyberspace.

If you don't know what the debate is all about, we will let you know everything. TikTok Amir Siddiqui made a video dissing the YouTubers and making allegations about how their content is somewhat inspired by the TikTok community.

He also tried to defend the TikTok community by saying that they get hate for no reason. However, a lot of what he was saying was found remarkably amusing and flawed by CarryMinati and he took to YouTube to go on a rant about the Tiktokers.

The people who inhabit the two universes are very different. The inhabitants of Google-owned YouTube and China’s ByteDance-owned TikTok aren’t just waging a war for increasing follower count. The battle is also to decide the type of people who have the right to rule the video world.

It all began when YouTuber Elvish Yadav posted a roast of TikTokers on his YouTube channel, comparing young video-makers to rag pickers, questioning their intelligence and making fun of girls wearing make-up. In response, two TikTokers named Amir Siddiqui and Revolver Rani called out his derogatory and classist comments TikTok and Instagram.

Revolver Rani’s response triggered a carpet video bombing that saw supporters from both the communities trying to outdo each other. The online battle reached its pinnacle when CarryMinati decided to make another roast of TikTokers.

But I think I was living under a rock - I didn't get to see when it was live.
so I had to beg many people to get hands-on the video, but now there are many download links to it :(

The fans of the Youtuber, however, are now outraged by the action and started to trend the # JusticeForCarry.

May the Force be with you Carry
Download the link Here
Or you can stream it here
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