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Styx guide and tips | Champions legion MOBA

 The Only Champion legion's styx guide you will ever need.

      Champion's Legion is a classic 5v5 battles, 3 lanes. Everything you know about genuine MOBA games is here.
 Champion or loser is solely depending on skill and there is no such thing as pay to win.

 Paid and free players are in the same league - skin is purely an aesthetic change, without giving any stats bonus. 

There is no pay to get champions.so, Hone your skills to be the MVP, not your money!

Styx Champion Guide

Champions legion styx guide_imgur.com

styx is a champion who is an assassin who has good mobility and tons of attack speed. He has the most attack speed in the game even at the start of the game. Hence he can deal tons of damage at any phase of the game(early, mid and late game) 


Champions Legion styx attributes


*skills/abilities are unique to each champion. Each champion has a passive ability in their kit and few champions will also have passive abilities in 1 or all their skill set. 

Passive skill: 

Assassination proficient:

styx soul sealed blade

    With any Any you cast triggers a passive called Assassination proficient. Styx can attack the enemy at 150% attack speed for 3 times.
Combo Tip: attack, ability and 4 attacks, then next ability and 4 attacks => with this combo you can sneak in 10 attacks in 2.5 seconds in mid-game.

First skill:

shadowless Body:

styx soul seal blade

     Styx charges toward the enemy, removing any kind of crowd control effects on him. His next attack will jump to his nearest enemy,
This ability also can reduce 0.5-sec cooldown with every basic attack. => if you attack 4 times like I mentioned above- that's a 2-second cooldown, which is a lot if you ask me.

Tip: It has great utility but has a bit low damage. so, I recommend you to max this ability second.*leveling up will reduce the cooldown*

second ability:

Styx prey:


        Styx prey attacks in a cone and applies a 30% slow on the target. This ability has only 7-second cooldown.
Tip: This ability does the most damage. So, I recommend you to max this ability first.

Ultimate skill:


    Styx takes out his sealed blade for 6 seconds. He gains Movement speed boost and does additional true damage(Armor or shields won't matter).
styx ultimate is very powerful because he does true damage to enemies - That means, He won't care if the enemy has armour,, magic resist or shields. He damages your HP rather than armour.
Note: normally to penetrate armour you have to get armour penetration items | magic penetration items for magic resist.
Tip: I recommend to level this ability whenever possible - the ability duration can be increased if you kill an enemy by 3 seconds up to 15 seconds.so, stop rotating in circles and start killing.


Any partner is fine, but if you have Inali she matches with his kit perfectly.

campions legion styx

Just replace Inali with the pre-physical partner kit and you are good to go.

champions legion styx guide

        This is my short guide to styx - if you have any doubts on his mechanics or his kit, please comment below. I will definitely help.