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Best android apps to replace in 2020-2021

The Best apps to Replace in your smartphones! If you're not living under the rock you might already know Google discontinued inbox and kiwi browser brought Chrome extensions to Android.so, I got a reason to replace inbox as well as Chrome but, Are these the only apps that need to be replaced?  Now that I think of it there are a lot of apps that need to be replaced. So here was the list mobile phones are supplied with the OEMs camera app now most of us end up using that but it's a whole new world when you start trying out camera mods. THE CAMERA  G cam is a famous Google camera mod for almost every Snapdragon phone out there in fact even Exynos you get the best dynamic range portrait mode etc  you can check which mod works for your phone... some of them will definitely work for you and it's worth it Click Here for GCAM Mods Like I should just stop talking and show you the actual images but the mods do crash a lot and they are highly unstable.  <Left is stock camera and ri

How to create a free business email?

How do you create a free business email address?

pota2knowledge, how to create business website

First Visit: https://infinityfree.net/

Then Login if you have an account or signup for a new account

Once you have logged in, you can create free accounts from the top left accounts tab.
As you can see I already have 3 accounts active.

I am clicking on one of my accounts, by clicking on control panel beside an account.
Now you will be redirected to vista panel - with different features that are available to you.

Since we are now interested in creating an email address...

Under the email category, click on email address.

In this page, you can create a business account.

As you can see at the bottom left, I have already created my business email.

Note1: If you want a free domain email address you can only use these domains (.ml, .tk, .ga)

Note2: If you want .com you have to subscribe them from suit or Zoho mail for a monthly payment.

Now, fill up the name (any name you want)
Example: In techinfo.pota2knowledge.ml
Techno will be the name and 
pota2knowledge.ml will be the domain name.

Once you have filled it - click on add.

Now the most important part:

In order to send and receive mails, you have to copy the link highlighted in the red.

Then click on MX record button beside it.

Now in this page, paste your copied MX record.

And keep the priority value to 10

Click on add > since I have already added, I don't need to do that again.

Now go home by clicking on the Menu button( highlighted with red)

Click on webmail.

Now enter 
your created email address and 
enter your infinity free password

Here you can send or receive mails.

You can send but you won't be able to receive e-mails if you did not paste code in MX record as mentioned above.

If you did paste it and still can't receive emails, don't panic - wait for 48 hours or less then the receiving services will be activated.

If you have any doubts please comment below or contact me. I will gladly help you.