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Specific Gravity, Temperatures of Solvents/Fluids

SPECIFIC GRAVITY OF SOLVENTS(FLUIDS) specific gravity:                It's also called  relative density, ratio of the density of a substance to that of a standard substance . ... If a substance has specific gravity less than that of a fluid, it will float on that fluid: helium-filled balloons will rise in air, oil will form a slick on water, and lead will float on mercury. Fluid Temperature ( o C) Specific Gravity SG Acetic Acid 25 1.052 Acetone 25 0.787 Acetylene, liquid -121 o F 0.62 Acetylene, liquid 70 o F 0.38 Adipic acid   0.72 Alcohol, ethyl (ethanol) 25 0.787 Alcohol, methyl (methanol) 25 0.791 Alcohol, propyl 25 0.802 Ammonia (aqua) 25 0.826 Aniline 25 1.022 Beer 25 1.01 Benzene 25 0.876 Benzil 25 1.084 Bromine 25 3.12 Butane, liquid 25 0.601 Caproic acid 25 0.924 Carbolic acid 15 0.959 Carbon disulfide 25 1.265 Carbon tetrachloride 25 1.589 Carene 25 0.860 Chloride 25 1.56 Chlorine 60 o F 1.42 Chlorodifluoromethane refrigerant R-22 25 1.197 Chloroform 25 1.469 Citric aci

How to create a free business email?

How do you create a free business email address?

pota2knowledge, how to create business website

First Visit: https://infinityfree.net/

Then Login if you have an account or signup for a new account

Once you have logged in, you can create free accounts from the top left accounts tab.
As you can see I already have 3 accounts active.

I am clicking on one of my accounts, by clicking on control panel beside an account.
Now you will be redirected to vista panel - with different features that are available to you.

Since we are now interested in creating an email address...

Under the email category, click on email address.

In this page, you can create a business account.

As you can see at the bottom left, I have already created my business email.

Note1: If you want a free domain email address you can only use these domains (.ml, .tk, .ga)

Note2: If you want .com you have to subscribe them from suit or Zoho mail for a monthly payment.

Now, fill up the name (any name you want)
Example: In techinfo.pota2knowledge.ml
Techno will be the name and 
pota2knowledge.ml will be the domain name.

Once you have filled it - click on add.

Now the most important part:

In order to send and receive mails, you have to copy the link highlighted in the red.

Then click on MX record button beside it.

Now in this page, paste your copied MX record.

And keep the priority value to 10

Click on add > since I have already added, I don't need to do that again.

Now go home by clicking on the Menu button( highlighted with red)

Click on webmail.

Now enter 
your created email address and 
enter your infinity free password

Here you can send or receive mails.

You can send but you won't be able to receive e-mails if you did not paste code in MX record as mentioned above.

If you did paste it and still can't receive emails, don't panic - wait for 48 hours or less then the receiving services will be activated.

If you have any doubts please comment below or contact me. I will gladly help you.