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Specific Gravity, Temperatures of Solvents/Fluids

SPECIFIC GRAVITY OF SOLVENTS(FLUIDS) specific gravity:                It's also called  relative density, ratio of the density of a substance to that of a standard substance . ... If a substance has specific gravity less than that of a fluid, it will float on that fluid: helium-filled balloons will rise in air, oil will form a slick on water, and lead will float on mercury. Fluid Temperature ( o C) Specific Gravity SG Acetic Acid 25 1.052 Acetone 25 0.787 Acetylene, liquid -121 o F 0.62 Acetylene, liquid 70 o F 0.38 Adipic acid   0.72 Alcohol, ethyl (ethanol) 25 0.787 Alcohol, methyl (methanol) 25 0.791 Alcohol, propyl 25 0.802 Ammonia (aqua) 25 0.826 Aniline 25 1.022 Beer 25 1.01 Benzene 25 0.876 Benzil 25 1.084 Bromine 25 3.12 Butane, liquid 25 0.601 Caproic acid 25 0.924 Carbolic acid 15 0.959 Carbon disulfide 25 1.265 Carbon tetrachloride 25 1.589 Carene 25 0.860 Chloride 25 1.56 Chlorine 60 o F 1.42 Chlorodifluoromethane refrigerant R-22 25 1.197 Chloroform 25 1.469 Citric aci

Best android apps to replace in 2020-2021

The Best apps to Replace in your smartphones!

Best alternative Android apps

If you're not living under the rock you might already know Google discontinued inbox and kiwi browser brought Chrome extensions to Android.so, I got a reason to replace inbox as well as Chrome but, Are these the only apps that need to be replaced? 

Now that I think of it there are a lot of apps that need to be replaced.

So here was the list mobile phones are supplied with the OEMs camera app now most of us end up using that but it's a whole new world when you start trying out camera mods.


best alternative android aps

 G cam is a famous Google camera mod for almost every Snapdragon phone out there in fact even Exynos you get the best dynamic range portrait mode etc 

you can check which mod works for your phone... some of them will definitely work for you and it's worth it

Click Here for GCAM Mods

Like I should just stop talking and show you the actual images but the mods do crash a lot and they are highly unstable.

best alternative android apps

best alternative apps

 <Left is stock camera and right is opencamera>

Download OPEN CAMERA here

 So you can also check out the open camera it gives you pretty much all the manual controls raw shooting for both photos and videos just give it a shot and let me know and the best thing about raw footage is you can revive all the shadows and highlights from the footage plus the colour grading works.

so well if you make videos on your phone do give open camera are short it will bring a significant difference in your criticism.


Best android aletrnatives

Android messages are good with recently added web interface that all good but when I open it it's all cluttered. did you try a third-party messaging app?

Best android alternatives

 The one I'm using is Microsoft messages when I open the app I have only the messages I need to see in the finance tab I get my bank and OTP messages I can quickly check my bank balance hey hey plus I can even lock this section the most useless promotional messages like seasoning sale for this day of every month is kept aside in the promotion tab some Williams like MIUI or oxygen OS give you their version of messaging apps which are also good but trust me this one is way better

Download Microsoft messages HERE


Best Android alternatives

Surprisingly another Google product in this list well Chrome mobile is great but there are better alternatives out there like I want to use extensions on the mobile or play video in the background so I replace Chrome with recently updated kiwi browser giving is built on chromium so you get the same look and feel like Google Chrome you can log in with your Google account so the same thing is sorted what it does extra is it lets you use Chrome extension or mobile and lots of extensions.


 best android alternative apps

when the first third-party launcher anyone would have heard of his Nova Launcher it's good it works well but most of the customizations and features are premium so why not move on to something else because you get more features so if you have a Windows laptop like me Microsoft launcher a Ka arrow launcher makes much more sense it's nowhere close to the stock pixel launcher but you get several customizations like you can set being daily wallpapers through the launcher you have the gesture and I can pack settings that's there but my most favourite thing would be at a glance widget it stacks all my most use app sticky notes documents etc and the cool thing is these sticky notes asking from my Android to Windows if you download the phone companion app you can also enable SMS notifications on your laptop how cool is that?

Download Microsoft launcher HERE

Best android alternatives

If you are a fan of swipe to open folder like in nova launcher- try lawnchair launcher and use can use this or any feature in the lawn chair launcher for absolutely free as it's open source. 

I even made it my system launcher! it's that good.

Download lawnchair launcher from here


Best android alternatives

If you're a power user you might find native file explorer to be pretty basic like there is not much to do now if you're using ES File Explorer you should replace it right now rather try solid File Explorer, you get all the usual features like connecting your Google Drive FTP file and SMB files etc remote files basically you can also encrypt files password protect them.

 But here's the coolest feature if it detects a big screen or you're in landscape mode it automatically gets divided into two different panes so I can access my local files on one pin and drive file so on another pane and the most important feature.

 It doesn't send your data to the Chinese server and neither shows you lock screen ads in case you're wondering yes it has root access and if you want to upgrade to premium it's just a one-time payment of 20 rupees which is less than your days coffee.


Best android alternatives

 Now the phone dialer app is pretty basic I really want to recommend true caller to you but it's bloated with ads and not just sneaky with your data but also with your contacts data unfortunately there is no True Caller alternative in India right now. while I would love to have it but as of now the least you can do is use the premium version of truecaller you not only get rid of ads on the lock screen but the premium you can also record your conversations and the best thing which makes me fall back to trueCaller frequently is the call history.

 I mean many times I just forget to save important numbers and when I search for them the native phone dialer has no answer but when I go back to the true caller it has all my call logs and it populates the name for the unknown numbers as well this doesn't happen frequently but when it does it's a lifesaver.

lastly there is no good replacement for better hardware if you are somehow still unsatisfied if you try the ultimate replacement just kidding.

By the way let me know in the comments below your favourite app and its functionalities I go through all the comments and it's really overwhelming to see your replies and do Follow me to stay connected and
 on that note bye-bye

see you in the next one.